Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Fourth & More!

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Ok is the Star Wars music playing in your head? LOL!

Mabel's Labels

Mabel's Labels has such a great sense of humor! This sale is only good on the Force... I mean the 4th so be sure to stop over there today! These are great to stick on things that kids lose. In fact that is their slogan...

Mabel’s kids Sticky Labels are a durable, waterproof way to identify lunch containers, bottles, toys, sports equipment and much more. With these personalized name labels, you can keep track of your kids’ easy to lose items. Customize these labels with a choice of fun designs and make your belongings uniquely yours.

On May the 4th, receive 50% off Personalized Sticky Labels with the Robot, Rocket, Princess or Star icons. Enter this coupon code at checkout to receive your discount: MAYTHE4TH

You get 45 dishwasher, microwave, UV resistant peel and stick labels. You have 40+ multi~coulered designs to choose from! They are 70mm x 16mm (2-3/4" x 5/8") and pretty much fit on anything and everything!

Code is valid until 11:59pm May the 4th. 

Other News :-)

I may take a few days off because....

#1 I am hurting. Not dying or anything but I must have coughed in my sleep last night as I have sore  muscles. I have COPD. Breathing is my job. Now it hurts to do my job. Go Figure LOL!!

#2. I am working on an ebook. Yup!

#3. I am always trying to post on The Whole Shebang for you.... please check it out and bookmark it.

#4. I want to start a newsletter I am thinking. Sometimes I think too much so.... that is an iffy thing!

I hope you are enjoying your weekend and that the force is with you and yours. 

Love, P&P

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Spring Cleaning My Inbox

My Inbox is full... let's see where it takes us :-)

Creativity kits for kids!

Kiwi Crate is an award-winning, monthly subscription service that provides all the hands-on materials to inspire creative, educational fun. With themes like Music, Color, Robots, and Safari, these crates deliver everything needed for unique activities that you and your kids can enjoy together.

I know it sounds a bit funny and this is a rare item. Kiwi Crate is for Kids and this is a Mother's Day Sale. Once you stop and think about it? It makes perfect sense.  If you have young children this will give you some quality time with them. Kids love to be creative. You are giving a memory of their Mommy. 

If your kids are a bit older? They can go off on their own and create while you kick back and relax knowing that they are having an awesome time. A win win situation no matter what your childs age. And you have to admit... 40% off is a lot. Save money and put it in your piggy bank for a pedi.

As you can see from the top of the page I am in a Giveaway again.  Why do I do this?? LOL!! Because Lilla Rose is so beautiful and I want everyone to have one! This is a HUGE Giveaway though! Lots more people are packing the gifts in! See my page for a few more details! Am I playing my part? You bet! One Medium size Flexi of the Month AND it is the coolest! It has a charm on it that can  be removed (I am guessing so you can put it on other things like a bracelet?)

Beautiful huh??
Available May 1~31
Or while supplies last.

Next? FOOD :-)

I am a Bacon Freak ~ Are You?

If you are a bacon lover or know someone who is a bacon lover (Mom??) this is the place to shop. They have everything bacon and some sort of special going all the time! I get hungry every time I browse there. Wonder if Kevin shops there? Get it? Kevin Bacon? Do you know what day it is? LOL! brings you magical pork!

Sorry I did not make it far today. Guess that is why my mail box is always overloaded LOL!! I do want to remind you that I add to my saving calendar everyday. The Whole Shebang. So you don't even have to read my blog everyday... just bookmark my calendar and check it everyday for savings.

I do love you all.... you keep me sane. 

Love, P&P